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What's up with RoleplayStories?
February 24th, 2015
Newsfeed commenting disabled.
We've disabled newsfeed commenting for now, we're working to improve that aspect of the website at a later time.

Janurary 26th, 2015
RoleplayStories Mobile (RPSM).
We'd like to officially say we have a mobile version.
Feel free to make an account or log in at

Janurary 22nd, 2015
Capability Issues with Internet Explorer.
We've seem to be facing trouble with Internet Explorer in terms of posting content and certain aspects of the website.
We ask that you please use another browser like Apple Sarfari, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Thank you!

Janurary 16th, 2015
RoleplayStories is a general social network.
We've been asked quite a few times now, "What kind of website are you?"  In reality, we don't know the answer.

Much like ourselves (in our youth and onward) we never seem to find the answer to the question people ask of us "Who we are" and RoleplayStories is no different. All we know for sure is that we're a website which loves its community and we'll do our best to bring you relevant content.

However we ask that you abide the set forth terms and conditions and mark adult content as such. We really don't know the future of RoleplayStories but for certain we are one that cares about our youngest members and will ensure their safety comes first before anything else.

Janurary 14th, 2015
Our apologies for being inactive last year, we've faced unforeseen delays.
That said, welcome to the beta version of RoleplayStories. We're so glad to have you!
Over the coming weeks we are going to be working on the site and you may notice some changes.
These changes is essential as they will pave a way for us to continue providing exceptional products in the future.
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